"When I signed up with AWA I was frustrated because I had tried to contact Literary Agents on my own. I sent my book out to a least a dozen agents and received no response! AWA promised me that they would help get my book in front of the right agents. I was never promised any success but they assured me that these agents would look at my material. Well... so far so good! I have had two (2) agents respond to my book and while neither has agreed to represent me, they both seem very interested. I am very pleased with their program and hope to have an agent very soon."

Joyce, Author - Green Bay, WI

"About a year ago I signed on with a "Vanity Publisher" whose name I would like to add in this testimonial but unfortunately I am not allowed to. The moral of that story is......I am out over $7000! I was offered a ton of promises and ended up with a book sitting on my Coffee table with zero sales! Not exactly what I was hoping for. After finally doing some research it was obvious that I needed a Literary Agent to represent me. I contacted The American Writing Associating and appreciated the fact of how honest they were with me. I am a new client so I can't talk about how successful I may or may not be, but so far I am extremely satisfied with their services!"

Jordan, Author - Cosa Mesa, CA

"All that I can say is......I am very happy! Their not re-inventing the wheel here. It's pretty obvious that if you want a publishing deal with a real publisher you will need an Agent! I would also like to thank "Jerry" my Writing Consultant. He has been super throughout the entire process."

Bill, Author - Portland, OR

"I can always count on getting quality, professional material to review from American Writing Association."

Paul, Literary Agent - Los Angeles, CA

"Material submitted to me by American Writing Association consistently draws interest from publishers"

Joe, Literary Agent - New York, NY

"Since working with American Writing Association, I've gotten responses from 3 different publishers interested in publishing my book. Now the hard part will be choosing which offer to accept!"

Susan, Author - Topeka, KS

"Choosing to work with American Writing Association has been a great decision and really taken my work to the next level. Their services are professional, affordable and completed in a reasonable amount of time."

James, Author - Springfield, IL